Renaissance Hotels Partners With Perrier

Renaissance Hotels, a hotel brand part of Marriott International, has joined forces with  Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water to bring visitors, travelers and locals alike bold, unexpected, tastes complemented by communal, sensory experiences.

Envy Punch Bowl

Envy Punch Bowl

Travelers and locals visiting Renaissance Hotels can experience Renaissance rituals such as breakfast morning smoothies, complimentary punch bowls in the evening and late night hydration cures all featuring Perrier. All available 24 hours a day and all made with exclusive Perrier recipes. Instructional videos and the accompanying recipes are available at

Timed to New Year’s Eve celebrations and the mornings that follow, all of the varieties of beverages will be available at more than 80 U.S. hotels in January 2017. The Perrier sparkling punch bowls are part of Renaissance Hotels’ bar ritual, which is centered on indigenous craft beverages, curated by the hotel bartender and local beverage experts.

Designed with the next Gen business traveler in mind, the invigorating punch bowls include:

  • This One Packs a Punch – blends rosé wine, lilleta, aperol, Angostura® Bitters and Perrier L’orange. It is garnished with orange, lemon and grapefruit slices when served.
  • Perrier Patio Punch – a fruity combination that includes pineapple juice, simply cranberry juice, ruby red grapefruit juice, rum and a chilled Perrier Lime. The beverage is coated with pineapple chunks or frozen cranberries.
  • Green with Envy – a refreshing summer cooler assembled with cucumber, apple and ginger, and topped with Perrier Green Apple, lemon juice, pre-made honey syrup and an aromatic mint garnish.
  • Pasione Spritz – combines passion fruit juice, lemon juice, pre-made ginger syrup and Perrier Original before it is polished with fresh mint.
  • Blinker Punch – a Blanc Vermouth and Bourbon or rye whiskey-infused cocktail that integrates chilled Perrier Pink Grapefruit, lemon juice, simple syrup and muddled strawberries or raspberry puree.

“We are proud to serve as Perrier’s first hotel partner, and introduce new ways to experience Perrier that will excite the senses of our guests, who see their travel as an opportunity for new, interesting, and sharable experiences,” said Dan Vinh, VP, Global Brand – Renaissance Hotels. “Renaissance guests can have the opportunity to experience Perrier in a whole new way, beyond the conventional times, and ways, Perrier is typically served.”

Renaissance Hotels’ expert mixologists will offer guests a refreshing selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic punch bowls featuring Perrier, one of the world’s few sparkling mineral waters whose carbonation comes from a naturally occurring source found beneath the spring. This sparkling natural mineral water is like no other with a powerful and internationally distinctive combination of sparking bubbles, pure water, and the brand’s iconic green bottle, interpreted by famous artists such as Andy Warhol.

“Perrier is thrilled to officially launch this unique partnership with Renaissance, bringing one-of-a-kind holiday recipes and cocktails to guests and travelers across the country,” said Grant McKenzie, VP & General Manager International Brands.  “This exclusive beverage program will help elevate guests’ experiences, making an ordinary hotel stay extraordinary through the unique taste experiences of Perrier offered by Renaissance.”